One Way Airfare

Updated: Thursday, April 27

We're dedicated to saving you money on one way airfare tickets, also known as no return tickets. These fares are very expensive if purchasing at the retail level. The good news is, one way airfare can be purchased for up to 70% below retail prices offered by airlines.

One Way Fare (low season, taxes/fees not inc)

Mumbai to New York $649
London to Sydney $539
New York to London $229
Chicago to Frankfurt $204
Los Angeles to Paris $379

Save on Trans-oceanic Flights - October 05, 2010

Airline companies are not accommodating to passengers in need of a one way airline ticket. Logically, you would think a one way ticket would be half price of a return ticket. Not so. Usually, they can be three or four times as much! Especially if we are speaking of an international one way ticket.

Incredible savings can be had on one way trans-oceanic flights. Please note the fare from New York to London in the table above. The lowest non-stop flight published flight fare found on Orbitz was $805 plus taxes. A comparable non-stop unpublished fare purchased from an agency is $229. Thats a savings of $576!

Wholesale vs Retail - September 26, 2010

An Airline company's airfares are marketed in two catagories, wholesale and retail. Retail fares are sold via 3 venues, an airline's reservation center, websites and through accredited travel agencies. Wholesale fares are marketed solely through travel agencies. These agencies are also known as 'wholesalers', 'consolidators' or 'bucket shops'. You cannot purchase a wholesale ticket direct from an airline, only from an agency that markets them.

Wholesale airline tickets are also know as 'consolidator fares', 'bulk fares' as well as 'wholesale fares'. These types of fares can be as much as 70% less than retail fares. Savings on one way fares purchased at the wholesale level are always tremendous, sometimes as much as 80% less.